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The Second Apocalypse
  • The Second Apocalypse
  • "...the next Game of Thrones..."

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    The Prince of Nothing Series

    Book One

    Darkness that Comes Before book thumbnail

    Canadian author Bakker’s impressive, challenging debut, the first of a trilogy, should please those weary of formulaic epic fantasy. Bakker’s utterly foreign world, Eärwa, is as complex as that of Tolkien, to whom he is, arguably, a worthier successor... 

    – Publishers Weekly

    Book Two

    warrior prophet book cover thumbnail

     "The Warrior-Prophet" is a stunner of a novel, a dark, delicious and deeply engaging masterpiece featuring an incredible amount of depth and painstaking detail. R. Scott Bakker's "The Prince of Nothing" series is not just stupendous, it is becoming monumental.  - Ezinearticles.com  

    Book Three

    The Thousandfold Thought book cover thumbnail

    “R. Scott Bakker’s Prince of Nothing high fantasy trilogy rolls to a rousing conclusion in this full-bodied volume. The Thousandfold Thought brings to fruition what has been prophesied, but this truly epic novel also contains stunning, completely unexpected reversals. Mythos, magic, and action.” 

    –Barnes and Noble

    Many have compared the Prince of Nothing series to "The Hobbit" as the precursor to Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" series. Though you'll be missing out on an amazing back story it is possible to join the Second Apocalypse saga at book four. 

    The picture to left features Second Apocalypse Author Scott Bakker co-hosting a forum on Dark Fantasy with Game of Thrones Author George R. R. Martin. Scott has been in panel discussions often with Martin as they are both recognized as contributing greatly to the genre and where it is headed.

    The Aspect Emperor Series

    Book Four

    the Judgeing Eye Book Cover Thumbnail

     “The Judging Eye” is a must-read that will not only appeal to fans of R. Scott Bakker’s brilliant Prince of Nothing trilogy, but also new readers wanting to see what all the fuss is about…  

    - The Fantasy Book Critic  

    Book Five

    the white-luck warrior book cover thumbnail

    "The White-Luck Warrior"  The depth of the book’s world and the range of its mythology is just staggering. And one gets the sense that the series is on the verge of some earth-shattering revelations.  

    - Fantasy Matters  

    Book Six

    "The Great Ordeal"  fairly seethes with intelligence, action and revelation and is a worthwhile continuation of the smartest epic fantasy of our generation. It is also grim and challenging in a manner that won't do much to resolve Bakker's reputation as the most divisive author in modern fantasy. 

    - The Wertzone

    Book Seven

    The Unholy Consult book cover thumbnail

     "The Unholy Consult" is tremendously satisfying character moments, Bakker's best-ever action scenes and, in the final chapter, possibly Bakker's most powerfully effective pieces of prose to date.  

    - The Wertzone

    Official Trailer - Cinematic

    This trailer showcases many of the aspects of the Second Apocalypse that make the series unique. Human history is more brutal than anything anyone could ever write. Scott's epic depictions however, come close.

    About the Author

    Where it Started

    Scott started putting together the world that would become the dark fantasy world of Earwa in 1984 as the Dungeon Master of an epic Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

    How it Deepened

    The scope and depth of the series deepened while Scott attended university throughout the nineties attaining degrees in English, History and Philosophy.  

    Where its Going

    Humans evolved in a fantasy world and Scott's attention to this neuro conditioning opens doors to epiphanies you can only attain through this series.